The Archives actively collects manuscripts, records, and photographs pertaining to the history of Butte-Silver Bow. The Archives holds over 2,000 collections comprising over 22,000 lineal feet. The collections are comprehensive and interrelated and provide dynamic insights into the history of the second industrial revolution (the electrification of America) and the history of copper mining. Home of the world's largest copper deposit, Butte was once one of the most radically and ethnically diverse settlements in the West and was the wellspring of the western labor movement. The records and the manuscripts in the care of the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives provide essential information on a number of subjects in the American West, including the history of technology, environmental history, the history of women and minority groups, and labor history. The resources at the Archives are numerous and most everything is available to the public. They include records and volumes such as:

  • Polk City Directories -- 1884 to 1990
  • Cemetery Index -- 1880 to 1980
  • Birth Certificates – 1871, 1881 to 1970
  • Death Certificates – 1889 to 1970
  • Naturalization Records – 1881 to 1970
  • High School and College Yearbooks – Mid 1900s to 1980
  • Various Church Records (sporadic from the late 1800s to 1960)
  • Great Register – 1885 to 1914
  • School Census Records – 1884 to 1970
  • Coroner’s Reports – 1894 to 1991

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