To Protect, Preserve, and Display the History of the People and Communities of Butte within the Walls of the Historic B’nai Israel Synagogue.

Victoria Peck, Middle Tennessee State University

The B’nai Israel Cultural Center is opening for tours on Thursday June 23rd, 2022. The B’nai Israel Cultural Center will be open every Thursday-Saturday, 10am-2pm during the months of June and July. It’s free to visit the B’nai Center during regular summer hours. Tours will be self guided, with staff available to answer questions.

Featured within the B’nai Israel Cultural Center is the All Nations exhibition from the Butte Silver-Bow Archives. The exhibit discuss 17 different ethnic groups that were influential in the foundation of Butte. These groups are: The Irish, Hispanics, Italians, Greeks, Serbians, Finnish, Cornish, Native Americans, Jewish, African Americans, Lebanese, Germans, Croatians and Slovenians, French, British Islanders, Norwegians, and Chinese.

For questions or interested in booking a visit to the B’nai Israel Cultural Center outside of set hours please contact +1 406-782-3280.

The B’nai Israel Cultural Center is located at 327 W Galena St, Butte, MT 59701.

In Partnership with The Community, Culture, and Heritage Non-Profit