Date 2018-06-13 - 2018-06-13
Time 12:00 p.m.
Location Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives, 17 W. Quartz Street
Category Upcoming Events

John Kuglin, a retired Montana Associated Press bureau chief, will speak about his new book, “Montana’s Dimple Knees Sex Scandal: 1960s Prostitution, Payoffs and Politicians.”

The book, published by The History Press, is mostly about Beverly Snodgrass, who owned two Butte houses of prostitution in the 1960s. Snodgrass made a lot of poor choices.

While running her brothels she fell deeply in love with a crooked politician, whom she nicknamed “Dimple Knees.’’ When corrupt cops in uniform came to her businesses, it usually wasn’t to serve and protect but rather to collect payoffs. Things were never the same in Butte after Beverly Snodgrass told her story to a reporter for the Great Falls Tribune.

Kuglin, the reporter, recounts the scandal that rocked The Richest Hill on Earth and for a time made Dimple Knees the most famous name in Montana.

The issue of Butte vice was a major issue in the 1968 race for governor, and Butte’s mayor, who said the people of Butte wanted prostitution and gambling, was voted out in the next municipal election.