The Archives has numerous collections and materials to assist genealogists in researching their family. Listed below are some of our most heavily used resources. To search or browse collections, visit our Catalog of Collections.

Polk City Directories, 1884-2008
Lists working people and businesses in Butte. Includes the name of the individual, their occupation, and address.

Cemetery Index, 1880-2015
Lists burial information from five cemeteries including St. Patrick’s, Holy Cross, Mount Moriah, Mountain View, and B’Nai Israel.

Naturalization Records, 1881-1970
Including declarations of intention, petitions for naturalization, and certificates of naturalization.

School Census Records, 1867-1970
Lists children, their parents, address, and date of birth. Volumes prior to 1900 only list children and their parents.

Birth and Death Information
Birth information is available from 1881-1944, death information from 1889-1971.

Mortuary Records, 1890-1938
Lists family name, cause of death, address, occupation, funeral director, and cemetery. 

Birth Records, 1901-1921
Lists child’s name, father’s name, occupation, nativity, and mother’s maiden name.

Coroner’s Registers, 1894-1991 / Coroner’s Inquests, 1896-2006
Lists all deaths not witnessed by a physician and deaths by accident or crime. A corresponding Coroner’s Inquest may also be available.

Church Records, 1880-1950
Baptisms, marriages, and funerals from various churches.

High School Annuals

  • Butte High School, 1921-2013
  • Butte Central (Boys and Girls), 1922-2015
  • Montana Tech, 1922-1988

Newspapers, 1894-1989

  • Butte Miner, 1896-1928
  • Anaconda Standard, 1899-1928
  • Montana Standard, 1928-1989
  • Butte Daily Post, 1913-1959
  • Butte Intermountain, 1894-1913
  • Butte Evening News, 1905-1910
  • As well as numerous smaller publications

Great Registers, 1885-1914
Lists registered voter’s name, address, occupation, and place and date of naturalization.

Property Records
Resources available include Historic Landmark District inventories, tax assessment records, Sanborn maps, day books, and more.