The Cristoforo Columbo Fellowship is gifted to graduate students, faculty, and/or independent scholars pursuing research on Italian people and their communities of Butte, Montana. Fellowship awards of $500 -$3,000 s. Award funds are to be used for research support, including travel and lodging expenses, but not as salary. Awards are to be used for scholarly projects including preparation of seminar papers, theses, dissertations, monographs, and book length projects.
* Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives employees and previous Cristoforo Columbo recipients are not eligible to apply.

Each recipient is expected to be in residence conducting research for the equivalent of three weeks between May 1 and October 31. Fellows are expected to make use of the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives collections and to submit a written report upon completion of the research. Recipients will acknowledge the Cristoforo Columbo and the Friends of the Butte Archives in the publications and projects produced from their residency and provide a copy of any projects created from their research. Candidate must be able to assist in the translation of the early minutes of the Cristoforo Columbo Club.    

Award criteria:

  • How clearly and persuasively does the applicant explain and justify the research question?
  • Does the project contribute significantly to the understanding of the Italian Communities of Butte-Silver Bow, Montana?
  • Does the applicant clearly describe what else is written on the subject?
  • Does the applicant explain how his/her study is unique and/or important in light of existing research?
  • Does the applicant demonstrate a clear knowledge of what is available at the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives and how the research materials will help his/her research? Does he/she clearly explain how long it will take to do the research?
  • What will the final products be? How valuable and accessible will the end products be?
  • Is the budget realistic, conservative, and specific? Does the applicant explain how he/she estimated the costs (internet, travel, housing, etc.)?

Application requirements:

  • Project proposal, not to exceed 3 double-spaced pages, including specific materials the applicant intends to consult.
  • Budgeted costs of the proposed residency, providing details of expenses as appropriate.

  • Cristoforo Columbo Club through The Friends of the Butte Archives will provide between $500 and $3,000. Include a detailed budget of how you will spend the funds. Although your research may cost more, describe only how you will use the Cristoforo Columbo money.
  • Provide an explanation of each budget category and how you determined the amount. If you are driving, list number of miles and the total cost using the federal mileage rate. If you are flying, please list where you found the airfare. If you are listing lodging expenses, explain where you found the cost. Cristoforo Columbo Club /Friends of the Butte Archives provide $20 per day for per diem.
  • The Cristoforo Columbo /Friends of the Butte Archives does not fund capital equipment, faculty salaries, personal salaries, childcare or other personal expenses, conference expenses, or overhead.
  • Cover letter
  • 2-3 page resume
  • Letter of recommendation

Applications must be sent electronically as one PDF document to no later than March 15, 2023. Announcement of the awards will be made in early April. Questions about the fellowship should be directed to the attention of Aubrey Jaap at