Daniel J. Hennessy arrived in Butte in 1879, where he worked as a bookkeeper. In 1886, he organized the D.J. Hennessy Mercantile on Main Street, but in 1889, a fire destroyed the store. Hennessy rebuilt his store, and in the meantime, set to work constructing a six-story department store at the corner of Granite and Main Streets. The magnificent store, which cost $600,000 to build (equal to $18 million today), opened in 1898. At Hennessy’s, Butte’s people could purchase the finest clothing, furniture, art, and even groceries. D.J. Hennessy died unexpectedly in 1908, but his legacy lived on through stores opened in his name in Helena, Missoula, and Billings. Hennessy’s served as Uptown Butte’s shopping hub until it closed in 1980.

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