Frank Little was an American labor leader. He joined the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in 1906. He organized miners, lumberjacks, and oil field workers. In the summer of 1917, Little was helping to organize copper miners in Butte, which included leading a strike of miners working for the Anaconda Company. In the early hours of August 1, 1917, six masked men broke into Little’s room in a boarding house on North Wyoming Street. He was beaten up and taken to the edge of town, where he was lynched from a railroad trestle. A note reading, “First and last warning,” was pinned to his chest, along with the initials of other union leaders, and the numbers 3-7-77, a vigilante code famously used by Virginia City, Montana’s, vigilance committee. His funeral procession was followed by thousands as he was laid to rest in Butte’s Mountain View Cemetery. Little’s murderers were never identified.

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