Archives Reopening Plan

The Archives’ reading room will reopen Monday, May 11, under measures that allow for social distancing and time to sanitize between patrons.

  • Researchers will make an appointment to access the reading room until further notice.
  • No more than 7 researchers may be in the reading room at a time.
  • Only one researcher may sit at each table.
  • Only two people may access public computers at a time.
  • Researchers will be required to wear face masks and be encouraged to use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the facility and face masks will be provided in the case a patron does not have one.
  • Tables and chairs will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant after each researcher, as well as other high touch areas.
  • Archives staff will make copies at the copy machine for patrons to minimize the number of people touching the machine.

To make an appointment email us at or call 406-782-3280. We look forward to seeing you again!

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  1. Wonderful@ Have missed everyone but everyone is well. I will be in touch.

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